You’re in the business of data, whether you offer a product with data or do research for your customers, it’s your responsibility to continuously innovate and find new ways to bring value. BrightPlanet delivers custom data sets (big, small, and in between) for any industry, collected from the Web and delivers it for you and your customers to innovate and do anything with data.

For over ten years, BrightPlanet has been the pioneer in Deep Web Intelligence. They have the fastest, most powerful tools and services available to help you create new intelligence. BrightPlanet's patented technology is the definitive answer to the challenge of harvesting Big Data from the Deep Web.

Their business is to provide access to the valuable, untapped resources that lie beneath the surface web for deep research and analysis using patented, proprietary solutions to deliver Intelligence capabilities that far outstrip any other currently available technologies.


BrightPlanet has the fastest, most powerful tools and services available to help you turn information into intelligence.  For the past 8 years, they have been finding and harvesting Big Data on the Deep Web for U.S. Intelligence Agencies. Today, this same suite of powerful tools and services is available to anyone who is looking for the competitive advantage of Deep Web Intelligence. Whether you are involved in research, competitive positioning, protecting intellectual property—or are simply out to catch the bad guys, put BrightPlanet to work for you.

  • Outpost

    Outpost is an online intelligence dashboard for crime analysts, intelligence analysts, and detectives to automate the gathering and analysis of criminal activity being discussed online. Analysts can use Outpost's interface to collect insight into gang structures, monitor criminally predicated individuals, create custom reports, and further analyze conversations with direct access to harvested and enriched data.
  • Big Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

    BrightPlanet's Data-as-a-Service solution gives you access to usable harvested and enriched data from sites you choose on the public Internet that is customized to your needs. BrightPlanet’s Data Acquisition Engineers harvest content from sites the end-user chooses. As data is harvested and collected, BrightPlanet enriches the unstructured data to match the need of the end-user. Once data is enriched, end-users have full access to the data in a customized format.
  • AuthentiWeb

    When you need to protect trademarks, brands, intellectual property (IP), patented products and company executives online
  • Deep Web Harvester™

    This is the only tool that can harvest Deep Web content at Big Data scale and prepare it for mission critical analytics. Whether you want to access your harvested content through a thin client delivery, or you want to license and create or augment an enterprise solution behind the security of your firewall, the Deep Web Harvester can be customized for your specific environment. This is the best Deep Web Intelligence option for those who want total control over their Deep Web harvests.
  • Deep Web Monitor™

    This lightweight, thin-client solution allows a single user to set up your own harvests through any Web browser. With the Monitor, you can identify, track, monitor and alert directly from sources YOU target with keywords YOU create. Automated email alerts let you know whenever new or modified content is added.
  • BlueJay for Law Enforcement

    BlueJay captures tweets from the entire Twitter firehose unlike all other products on the market. BlueJay is invisible and covert, and all you need is a web browser to access the tool. BlueJay provides real-time intelligence following only those users, keywords and locations YOU want to track and monitor. Tweets are geographically tagged and can be exported to support more detailed analysis and investigation.
  • Solutions by Industry

    Looking for a solution tailored to your industry? BrightPlanet is building products to meet the needs of companies and individuals in a wide variety of industries including law enforcement, intellectual property, competitive intelligence and politics.


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