“Hamdan Communications ” And Sister Companies

Newsletters on topics related to terrorism, cyber threat, cyber crime, and in depth, analysis on Middle East, North Africa and Foreign Affairs.  Monitor, and Analyze terrorist activities on social media, and audio-visual, print media. Intelligence Media analysis related and not limited to: The Muslim Brotherhood, Kurdish Terrorism, Syrian Politics, Jabhet Al-Nusra, Hezbollah, Cyber Crime, based on deep knowledge on Terrorism. 


  1. Intelligence Analysis, Cultural intelligence,
  2. Public Diplomacy Specialist (contributes and\or set campaigns for National Governments, NGOs, etc..)
  3. Cultural Relations\Diplomacy Specialist (Set Awareness campaigns for better interactions between nations and people)
  4. Media strategist, Public Awareness Campaigns Specialist on Counter-terrorism in Homeland Security and abroad,
  5. In Depth knowledge on Media in the Middle East, Social Media, ISIS use for recruitment.
  6. Monitors ISIS and other Terrorist Groups use,
  7. Government relations, Provide Consultancy on issues of economic, domestic politics and foreign policy nature related to MENA and the Gulf. 



  1. Middle East Media Post, LLC (USA) www.middleeastmediapost.us

  2. Middle East Media Scope, LTD (UK) Under Construction

  3. Middle East Media Post Services, for MENA, IRAN, And Other (Lebanon&M.E)


Counter-Terrorism, Outreach Strategies for better Communications and understanding to Refugees’ Culture background, Languages and Cultures being major in counter-terrorism. Promote Democracy, Empower women, Freedom of Speech.

“Helping Bridge the Cultural Divide”

“Bridging gaps for better understanding of World Different Cultures.”