The Intelligence Community LLC launched an online Freelance Marketplace in 2015 as an experiment in facilitating more part time or on-demand work opportunities in defense and intelligence related fields.  Since then we have reincorporated our company in the state of Virginia as The Intelligence Community Inc. (aka "TIC") and added additional capabilities to our portfolio. As part of this transition, over the next three weeks we are relaunching the Freelance Marketplace with several improvements.  During that time you will be invited to opt in to the updated platform and build a new professional profile.  If you do not opt in, your original profile data will not be available in the new platform and we will remove your email address from the list of those interested in the Freelance Marketplace. During the crowdfunding and launch of the original site we were honored to have the support of many Founding Members (listed below).  During the relaunch we will be reopening the window to become a Founding Member and also extending a few new benefits to original and new Founding Members.  This opportunity will only be available through the end of February and you can find out more about it here. Thanks for being a part of this project from the beginning. 


Thanks so much to the Founding Members of TIC's Freelance Marketplace

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What others are saying about TIC's Freelance Marketplace

"The best way to predict the future is to create it", so aligning yourself with the right leaders and understanding the landscape is the first critical step towards achieving this goal. is a great forum that will allow this process to unfold." Eric Spackey, CEO, Bluewater Defense, Inc.

"By eliminating the need for multiple platforms, '' provides a one-stop hub creating relevant networks to help solve some of our countries most unique and emerging problems." - Richard Hartman, PhD, Former SES and Co-Founder, Synoptos Inc.

"a unique platform to exchange thoughts about our professions and insights on "national" security in its widest sense. ...The sites will not only be helpful to get the right expertise on the challenges we face, but will also enhance our resilience and world wide security by broadening our scope on solutions."  - Senior Adviser, Geopolitical Consulting Company

"US Intelligence has been a fantastic asset to all branches of the US Government as well as our Allies abroad for decades and has since been propelled into the global war on terror exceeding the demands of all administrations as well as seeking to bring on board""those"" who have the highest expertise and training , that our current employee market has to offer." - Chris Taggart, Director of Operations, CBA Systems Co.

"The unique Intelligence website will fill a critical need in the IC, serving as a clearing house that matches qualified and vetted IC professional freelancers with both corporate and governmental employers. This is one of the best ideas I have heard in my 34 years in the Intelligence Community." - Retired Senior DoD IC Officer

"TECHEXPO Top Secret believes that progress and forward development in the intelligence & defense industry is a result of professionals connecting with opportunities. We proudly support in fast forwarding this process." - Bradford Rand, President/CEO, TECHEXPO Top Secret, Cyber Security Summit

" will be a business and analytic platform perfectly suited for fast-changing, kaleidoscopic situations and events requiring experienced augmentation capable of coming on board meaningfully and rapidly." - John Greathouse, Former Defense Attache  

"TIC's newest platform will be a tremendous asset to the Intelligence Community and a great resource full of freelance opportunities for our Veterans and others interested in national security." - Stephen Bolton, Founder & Owner, VetEmploy, LLC

"This will be a great way to match the talents of the private sector with the needs of national security industry companies and the public sector." - Neelam S. Modi, Managing Director, Neelamerica, LLC

"At last, a more efficient way for the intelligence community to gather, process, and disseminate intelligence data. As I call it, putting intelligence to work!" - Federico Schiavio - President, InfoDomini LLC

"The National Security Freelancer Market platform answers a critical need in the search for talent. In today's business environment, it is difficult for any business, but small businesses in particular, to maintain a bench of cleared, qualified people to handle short term proposals and projects. It is harder still to find part time consultants on one's own. This platform is ideal for that purpose and will serve both businesses and consultants very well." - Dr. Herb Kemp, President & CEO, OneALPHA Corporation.

"Graham Plaster and his team are doing very exciting things at As an established antiterrorism and physical security professional services company looking to break into the intelligence world, we are jazzed by what this virtual community has to offer."- Hank Chase, CEO Integrity Consulting Engineering and Security Services (ICESS)

"In this age of ever-increasing multiple threats to our democracy, Graham Plaster's initiative in establishing an accessible, centralized resource for intelligence professionals is a must. As a nation, we need to be able to locate and mobilize intelligence community talent quickly and comprehensively as new threats arise and existing threats wax, wane, relocate, and reinvent themselves." - David W. Martin, Colonel (Ret), USAF, President, CEO, HRA Services, Inc.

"It is heartening to see using modern tools and methods to get its message across to a broader audience: people with expertise and with organizations in need of that expertise. This new forum for those interested in working in the field of national security will be a valuable addition to the security community." - Charles A. Ray, U.S. Ambassador (retired) and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for POW/Missing Personnel Affairs.

"As the owner of a small business that for years has shared in the struggle to recruit and provide analysts, I really believe that what you are working to do should bring the two sides, companies and personnel, closer together than any resume website could ever do." - Carlos G. Rivera, President & CEO, VYSNOVA PARTNERS, INC.

"It is time we explored innovative ways to connect requirers of expertise in national security matters and those that possess that expertise. The threat demands old methods be challenged and new networks be developed to maximize application of available knowledge. The National Security Freelancer Market does just that. Breaking new ground, it will serve as the foundation for broad knowledge networks, and in turn, strengthen our national security capabilities and capacity." - John Johns, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Maintenance

"This service is an outstanding means for the IC to quickly find and harness highly specialized expertise to explore and validate both emerging and existing IC requirements." - Skip Cusack, Consulting CTO

"I am very impressed with the work of - especially on the initiative on a market place for freelance work in national security. Young scholars on intelligence studies have a forum to present their talents to the international community via and networking national security professionals in USA, Europe and Asia." - John M Nomikos, Director, Research Institute for European and American Studies (RIEAS), Greece

"TIC's newest platform will be a tremendous asset to the Intelligence Community and a great resource full of freelance opportunities for our Veterans and others interested in national security." - Stephen Bolton, Founder & Owner, VetEmploy, LLC

"Our economy and how business gets done is changing rapidly. The Intelligence Community fills an important void by connecting innovations with implementers and people with positions. Its an easy win." - Brendan Moroso, Former State Department Officer

"This is a great idea to leverage the right people at the right time for the right job.  Sometimes you only need a specialist for a specific phase of a mission, and TheIntelligenceCommunity.Com provides a forum to establish a robust resource pool to meet our needs".   - Paul McBride, Director, Program Management, Iceberg Consulting

"Innovation is the cornerstone of progress and the men and women who specialize in it are the mortar. This is an exceptional way to bring both together, now." - Fletch Warner Brumley,Managing Director, Pegasus Global Holdings

"The global community of security professionals has needed a platform like a marketplace for freelance work in national security for quite a while. I’m honored to be a part of such a special project and look forward to being an active participant."  –  Marjorie V. Perry, Chairman, InfraGardCyber SIG  

"The "National Security Freelancer Market Platform" is an optimal solution to the national security industry, it will be of a great help in developing, enhancing and growing the national security and the intelligence community environment.  This program will build an efficient and effective spot of knowledge, talent, experience and productivity that can contribute to the homeland and national security and provide a wide range of expertise, strategic approaches and a variety of new national security methodologies." - Mukhlis R Mukhlis, President, MIG Strategic Consulting, LLC

"Everything happens in this field at the stimulating and converging intersection of highly-skilled professionals, emerging technologies, innovation befitting an age of obsolescence in The Intelligence Community, new and often unanticipated threats and opportunities in the wider field of national security,ergo The Community provides the platform to generate an even deeper national security ecosystem through it's unique operational methodologies, people and vision for improvement and continuous customer satisfaction." - Thomas P. Logan, Executive Director, Japan Society of Northern California

"Innovation creates excitement; People drive transformation; Transformation delivers success; The Intelligence Community platform brings all these facets together to deliver results” Nitin Pradhan, Former CIO US Department of Transportation & Managing Partner, GOVonomy.

"Intelligence isn't just about espionage and trading secrets, its foundation is INFORMATION gathering.  And a collaboration tool like this would centralize a marketplace for people to help you gather the INFORMATION most needed.  Very powerful." - Larry An, Chairman of DAn Solutions, Inc.

"As a small business owner working in counterintelligence I am very excited about the new marketplace at This will provide an opportunity I've never had to grow my business and fulfill a national security mission." - Taylor Brown, Partner & General Counsel, Auryn LLP.

"Given the proliferation of the mobile and agile workforce, is at the forefront of adapting national security professionals and the industry into the new ways of doing business." - Frank Shields, Intelligence Business Development at GovSmart

"The Intelligence concept is a great idea that, once activated, will provide for a much needed one-stop network of networks of seasoned professionals seeking employment, peer-review of an idea or concept,  a mentor or just somewhere to share positive lessons learned on a topic or theme."  - Ken LaPlante, former Deputy Director and Director Emeritus, William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies

"The US Intel Community has an incredible amount of experienced and diverse talent--with an extraordinary amount of brain power.'s dynamic website is powerful tool in leveraging deep expertise and skills. I know we will use it often to reach out and collaborate with intelligence professionals, DoD veterans in transition, and others in the Community." - Robert McFadden, Senior Vice President, The Soufan Group, retired Special Agent NCIS

"this will be a terrific resource for those seeking freelance cultural experts and geo-political consultants..." - Dr. Richard Griffith, Executive Director, Institute for Cross Cultural Management

"In the constantly evolving and challenging world of national security concerns, provides an exceptional platform for those seeking opportunities and for employers desiring experienced professionals." - Lieutenant Colonel Lance O. Adams, Illinois State Police (retired)

"Command Control Communications Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance professionals should be among the direct beneficiaries of this initiative to further apply their expertise and insights to matters of our national security." - James R. Todd, Consultant

"In today’s globalized economy with unprecedented cyber and geopolitical threats, we see a growing need for greater corporate and information security in the private sector.  The Intelligence Community platform is a useful tool for the private sector to address these threats." - Chris Kardys, Rocanda Enterprises

"Crowdsourcing intelligence inputs and talents, and matching those to ever-evolving institutional needs is the cutting edge of collective foresight. This is a tremendously important resource. Use it!" - John M. Smart, Lecturer, Naval Postgraduate School, Author, The Foresight Guide, 2015

"A pioneering platform that will enable much needed collaboration and achieve real results" - David Vyorst, Co-Convenor, The Washington, DC Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC-DC)

"This is very innovative.  It will serve the intelligence community quite well while serving the special needs of war fighters and their spouses.  I'm glad to be a part of this."  - Linda Cureton,  CEO, Muse Technologies, Inc.

"The platform offered by will enable software entrepreneurs like myself, who specialize in Security & Intelligence to offer our products and services to both government agencies and vetted private organizations directly, and at the fraction of the cost of traditional channels. Innovative, disruptive and a game changer." - Gideon Vos, Software Entrepreneur

“In any business, it’s all about finding that ‘good fit.’ The National Security Freelancer Market Platform helps both intelligence professionals and prospective employers rapidly match opportunities to skillsets, saving time, effort, and adding value for both.” - John Adams, BG USA (Ret), President Guardian Six LLC

"The Intelligence Community can bridge the information gap that keeps suppliers and agencies apart." – Leah Goldstein Moses, CEO, the Improve Group

“For transitioning Service members and Veterans, along with other professionals entering the Intel marketplace for the first time, the National Security Freelancer Market provides an excellent opportunity to quickly move into the fast lane by connecting with the finest experts in the field. Only by working together, and holding ourselves collectively accountable while advancing our individual and community goals, will we achieve the success our country rightfully demands and fully deserves.” – Kenneth L. Mullins, Sr. Principal in MITRE’s Center for Connected Government and Portfolio Manager for the Department of Veterans Affairs

"The Intelligence Community's powerful crowd-sourcing methods will prove to be an indispensable tool for developing fast and accurate analytical products.  This diverse community promises to be an incubator for next-generation solutions to today’s national security challenges." - LCDR Constantine Panayiotou, U.S. Navy Asia-Pacific Region Foreign Area Officer

Our Goals for the Marketplace

 for Job Seekers

  • Provide a wide array of short term "1099" jobs that might not normally appear on regular job boards so you can create a temporary or long term career of your own design
  • Provide new online training opportunities and paths to become cleared for rewarding work in national security
  • Help you fill the gap while unemployed, or to moonlight if being forced to work part time, or find your entry level job as a new graduate
  • Help you to find flexible, rewarding, lucrative work that you didn't know existed

 for Businesses

  • Allow you to search for freelance talent by clearance, location, HUBZONE, skills, languages, experience, employer feedback, and more
  • Allow you to post short term tasks for freelancers to bid on so that you can award the task to a competitive freelancer
  • Help you centralize and manage your 1099 tax paperwork
  • Help you scale your business to meet government needs
  • Help you manage costs through fee-for-service price structures
  • Provide secure space hotelling services for you to hire cleared freelancers to work for you remotely
  • Provide enterprise solutions for rapid hiring of a large number of freelancers across a wide geographic region

 for Government

  • Provide access to the TIC global database of freelancers who have opted in as available information sources
  • Provide additional integration with government platforms via our TIC API 
  • Provide an on ramp and off ramp for gov to civ and civ to gov career transitions to support cross pollination of public-private KSAs
  • Provide an embedded, trained TIC staff member as PWS who can reach back to full TIC freelance database based on lease arrangements for support.
  • Provide pay-by-the-minute consulting resources via freelanceers around the globe as part of an enterprise lease agreement