What We Do:

Patriot Security Group is a global investigative/security group providing confidential investigations for clients and customers from Washington, DC to South America; Europe; Asia, and beyond.

Founded in 2004, Patriot Security Group is comprised of USG security cleared personnel from the military, law enforcement, and Intelligence Community.

We specialize in highly sensitive investigations, financial and physical asset tracking, surveillance operations, GPS vehicle tracking, threat assessment, threat mitigation management, social media monitoring, executive protection, Anti-Terrorism training, due diligence, corporate intelligence operations and training, and much more.

Our special surveillance group consists of USG trained surveillance and counter-surveillance specialists, all with at least 20 years operational experience.


The company founder and president is a retired police commander from the Washington, DC metro area where he served in the Intelligence Division as well as numerous federal task force’s in the NCR. He specialized in criminal group infiltration and counter-terrorism. The vice president of operations is a recently retired member of the US Intelligence Community who specialized in international HUMINT and Counter Intelligence operations for over 33 years.

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