The Intelligence Community Inc. (TIC) is the future of defense and intelligence staffing.  We are your best subcontracted or fee-for-service partner to rapidly source and complete national security and intelligence contracts.  We operate several unique social networks with over 100,000 professionals in the national security and private security sectors. Finding talent fast is easy for us, and we enjoy it. We would be happy to discuss subcontracting to you on your next bid so you can guarantee a deep bench of talent every time. Or, if you would prefer, we can help you find talent through a number of staffing services listed below.
We reach homeland security, law enforcement, military, intelligence, government contracting, executive leadership, cyber specialists, data scientists, admin specialists and more.  While many within our database are cleared, we also include professionals with recently expired clearances.  Approximately 1/3 (20,000) of our network is in the National Capital Region and most are willing to relocate or deploy.  Over 1/3 (20,000+) of the network are in executive or senior level positions. Most are willing to relocate for work.



Full Service Headhunting: Many critical positions are extremely difficult and time-consuming to fill. We take the time to learn your business in order to fully understand your culture conduct a search for top talent to want to work for you immediately.  This is hands on for us, the equivalent of outsourcing your recruiting efforts.  While this is our more expensive staffing service, it still saves you money by eliminating the need for a full time recruiter on your staff.
Contract and Contract-to-Hire: Going after a contract?  We personally present you with a fully vetted short list of top professionals who match your requirements. All of our candidates are screened through a robust qualification process.
Recruiting Events (live and virtual): TIC hosts regular job seeker happy hours, summits, black tie dinners and virtual career fairs.  These events attract highly motivated job seekers and provide extended time for rapport building between the company and potential hires.  We can facilitate tailored recruiting events for your company to drive interest and screen high value candidates.
Referrals: TIC conducts regular email outreach to its member base with newsletters, offers, events and opportunities.  Our online classified often receive up to 35 qualified resumes for a single job ad. We have recruited senior military for intelligence agencies and supporting companies.

Freelance 1099 Marketplace: TIC operates an online peer-to-peer marketplace for hiring national security and intelligence freelancers. It can serve as a recruiting pool for full time hires or a bench of talent for on-demand skills for short term projects. You can filter by clearance, skill and even HUBZONE location.

Intern Referrals: TIC operates a virtual Fellows and Associates program, managing over 240 volunteers around the globe.  Many of these volunteers are college students, veterans, transitioning professionals and others who are looking for a new career opportunity.  They are all vetted and interviewed in advance in order to be accepted into the program.  The interns form a high-loyalty network and can be leveraged for free, rapid referral of new talent to your company.