TIC Consortium is a network of entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to do business with the U.S. government.  Join us and we will get you introduced to other companies to team up, and government leaders so you can pitch innovative solutions. 

We want you on our team!  Join TIC's Consortium for exclusive invitations to meetups, pitch competitions, B2B strategy sessions, and B2G networking opportunities. The Consortium offers a very specific type of community - action oriented.

Need more info?  Here's a quick F.A.Q. based on what we are hearing from interested companies and innovators...

Q: How does TIC Consortium work exactly?  What do members get?

A: This is still a new initiative, so many of the benefits are in development - TIC Consortium members will receive free or deeply discounted access to live and virtual events throughout the year that expose them to government clients, real problems to solve, prospective investors and contract teamates.  The Consortium will also host webinars for TIC Consortium members to hear directly from government clients and investors.  Let us know what else you would like us to add to Consortium benefits!  

Q: How does TIC Consortium compare to other defense trade associations, OTA Consortia and defense industry groups?

A: TIC Consortium casts a wide net to be inclusive of companies, innovators and ideas across mulitple verticles and fields.  We are in an age where there is more specialization and at the same time more convergence between specialities.  For the past 5 years we have worked to "put community back in the intelligence community" and also to define the intelligence community much more broadly than just military or government intelligence.  Our view is that the future of security, both for the public sector and private, will require a broad array of information related specialties working in concert to solve our biggest problems.  Current trade associations sometimes fail to meet the primary need of companies, which is to land contracts and new clients.  Current OTA Consortia are specialized by niche for good reason.  TIC Consortia will work towards collaborating with trade associations and OTA Consortia in their areas of focus because we believe in a team of teams approach to national security.  We will list and promote other groups and consortia, even if we don't have a formal relationship with them.

Q: What types of companies are joining the Consortium?

A: We have received emails and calls from a wide range of companies including cybersecurity firms, small businesses focused on AI, machine learning, IoT, crowdsourcing intelligence and much more.  The common thread has been a keen interest to solve important problems in national security.  Garage inventors as well as well large companies are getting involved.

Q: Is TIC Consortium just for tech startups and nontraditional companies, or is it also a good network for more traditional government contractors?

A: All companies and individuals are welcome into TIC Consortium, which is a broad network of companies and entrepreneurs.  Our OTA Consortium is being designed with small businesses and nontraditional companies in mind, but there may be opportunities for certain government contracts to participate in OTAs based on the government requirements and the company's capabilities.  TIC Consortium will promote a total economy of B2G and B2B products and services through virtual and live events, newsletters and online groups.

Q: We might want to join the Consortium at a later date.  In the mean time, is it still possible to attend events and participate with TIC Consortium as a non-member?

A: Yes.  Most events will be open to the public but ticketed.  Consortium members have free or reduced ticket access to all events.  Some events will be exclusive to Consortium members.

Q: Is TIC Consortium an OTA Consortium?

A: Yes and No ... TIC Consortium is a broader coalition of companies and innovators than just those interested in OTAs.  However, TIC is currently setting up an OTA Consortium as a component of TIC Consortium.  Joining TIC Consortium will expose you and your company to other innovative companies and government clients who may want to leverage OTAs or other rapid acquisition vehicles in order to ease the burden of government contracting.  We are committed to educating you about these contracting vehicles, introducing you to interested government and private sector clients, prospective investors and contract teammates.

* Dues are billed annually


Want to have a brick in mortar presence with TIC? - We're working with coworking spaces in Tampa, Dubai, Washington D.C., NYC, and Palo Alto to create national security oriented community inside hives of creativity.  Let us know what location interests you and we can connect you with other TIC Consortium members that could share the space!