What started with a  LinkedIn group in 2008 became a vibrant professional network with several LinkedIn subgroups, a global Fellows Program, a members-only social website, and networking events.  Our goal has been to solve a number of problems identified in the 9-11 Commission Report through a grassroots movement to "put community back into the Intelligence Community".  Everyone acknowledges that there are stovepipes and silos.  Everyone knows that we need to collaborate.  We help foster the relationships that can prevent the next national security disaster.


TIC Fellows Program

Most internship programs require you to move somewhere, work long hours and get paid peanuts.  We are running a unique program where you can be involved remotely for as little as an hour a week by producing helpful analysis in our online communities, helping to write and edit eBooks on current events, serving as a public relations liaison to various companies and organizations, and other interesting projects.  Our Fellows live all over the globe and we currently have over 200 in the program.  Find out more here and join them. Email Maya with questions about the program.


If you would like to plug into our community, there are several ways to get involved.  You can start by joining any of our LinkedIn groups (the list is always growing):