Treadstone 71 provides open source intelligence, cyber intelligence and cyber counter intelligence services with a focus on extremists and various adversaries. We deliver customized advisory services, research/warning/estimative/threat and targeted intelligence. Treadstone 71 follows measureable structured analytic techniques combined with analytic methods. We provide subject matter expertise in cyber socio-cultural techniques and methods. Treadstone 71’s cyber intelligence coverage is broad covering several years of growing use and expertise. Treadstone 71 started cyber intelligence collection several years ago targeting extremists groups and their online activity. These efforts have matured into targeted data collection, infiltration, target exploitation, denial, deception, manipulation, analysis, and reporting of opportunities and recommendations. 

Treadstone 71 has been teaching Cyber Intelligence for the past 4+ years continuously improving, updating and honing the course towards changing threats and adversaries. Treadstone 71 teaches and uses the virtual manifestation of the physical tradecraft. Treadstone 71 delivers training and advisory services for customers covering the cyber intelligence lifecycle of targeting, data collection and gathering, production, analysis, and actionable reporting.  Our commitment to customers is satisfaction since we live by reputation. We also provide Interim CISO services for organizations in need of assistance, growth and program maturity, strategic direction, and guidance and oversight for newly minted CISOs.

 Treadstone 71 offers Cyber Counterintelligence (CCI) services:

  • Designed to exploit and defeat adversarial intelligence activities directed against client interests; protect the integrity of the clients’ systems, applications, and/or target intellectual property;
  • Provide incisive, actionable intelligence to decision makers at all levels;
  • Protect vital organizational assets from adversarial intelligence activities;
  • neutralize and exploit adversarial intelligence activities targeting the organizational intellectual property.

 Find out what your cyber adversaries are doing. Learn what they know about you. Discover ways to reduce your attack surface. Contact Treadstone 71 today.

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