The Intelligence Community, LLC

Core Values



Prudence/Wisdom - If knowledge is power, and intelligence is knowledge analyzed for strategic decision making, then it is extremely important to have something more than this.  We must have more than mere data.  We must have prudence and wisdom.  Prudence and wisdom, as we see it, are core values that imply a moral component.  “What are you going to do with all of that data?” is a questions with immense ethical implications.  Wisdom requires us to look for the greatest good and pursue it.  Our assumptions about human nature are critical.  Are people generally good or evil?  Are transparency and accountability more important than anonymity?  What are the effects of an increasingly transparent world?  What are the logical limits and concerns as we move forward.  These questions take us back to essential assumptions that make or break us as we establish policies and protocols for the new environment.  We must have wisdom.


Care/Curation - The Intelligence Community LLC takes the eagle’s head as an iconic representation of the watchful eye we must have over the details of our day.  With so much information moving so quickly, it is common to forget the past, to miss the details or to hyper focus on one aspect of the problem.  An eagle’s view is both big picture and also capable of reaching small details.  The art of analysis and curation is the same as the eagle’s, to keep a strategic perspective while drilling down into the nitty gritty.  We aim to provide big picture clarity and also the ability to deep dive through crowd-sourcing the global IC professional community.


Integrity - The wisest way to live in a world of glass houses is as if someone is always watching.  There is no guarantee of privacy for anything, so live with integrity. It also makes work more enjoyable.