Tom DiGiovanni, Board Certified Professional Coach and President of Energy Coaching Associates, LLC now offers Career Coaching focusing on the needs of Intelligence Community Members

Career coaching addresses the areas that enhance and promote success in your career, including identifying which career path will best match your personal values and goals, how to best grow your current career, how to navigate a challenging work environment, skill development, career growth, transitions and change, and leadership development.

As your career coach, I work closely with you to identify your strengths and other attributes as we identify your vision and goals for your career. We utilize those strengths to build that vision and achieve those goals. For example:

Career path: What would you really love to be doing for a living, and how do you make that a reality? Which are the most important factors to consider when looking for a new job or career?

Challenging work environments: What is really going on? What is within your ability to change or influence? Do you quit or stick with it?

Skill development: What feedback have you received that lets you know you are particularly good in one area, but perhaps need additional information or growth in another? What patterns have you noticed that let you know your approach is working or not working?

Career growth: Where would you like to be in your career in one year? Five? Ten? What actions do you need to take today to ensure that you create that vision? What are the things that could possibly get in your way?

Leadership development: How effectively do you communicate your vision to your team or organization? How do you know? What would be different if you knew that everyone shared the same vision? How can you help to excite that vision in each individual?

Career Coaching Approach

I coach via phone or Skype and we can successfully work together whether you are in the DC Metro area, anywhere across the USA, or throughout the world!  As your career coach, I tailor my approach to you and your needs. My goal is to provide you a safe, completely confidential place in which to explore your vision, concerns, challenges, and successes. I offer tools, assessments, models, and ideas, but the agenda is completely yours. Most clients prefer to meet weekly for a 60 minute session. If you are experiencing big transitions or changes, you may want to meet more frequently at first, or for a longer period. I am always available by email.


Get Started Today: Set Your Roadmap

Contact me:

To get acquainted, I offer potential clients who are Intelligence Community Members a complimentary “Set Your Roadmap” coaching session.  This session is designed to explore whether coaching is a good choice for your needs right now, and, in particular, how we will create a successful coaching partnership together.  You’ll get a sense of my coaching style and presence, have the opportunity to share your objectives, and we can discuss any concerns you have.  We’ll also cover logistics, including coaching packages and costs. 


About Tom DiGiovanni

Tom DiGiovanni, President, Energy Coaching Associates LLC, brings a myriad of life experiences to his coaching toolbox.  Career experiences include: coach to senior executive service personnel in the United States Navy; corporate vice president; non-profit executive and board member; educator; writer; editor; speaker; life and leadership coach.  Mr. DiGiovanni is a Certified Professional Coach and Master Practitioner (Energy Leadership Index), he holds a Board Certification from The Center for Credentialing and Education as well as credentials from the International Coaching Federation. Tom is a certified practitioner in the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and in the Non-Executive and Executive (360) PROFILOR Instrument (focusing on skills and behavior coaching). Tom is a frequent presenter at 40+ of Greater Washington, a Preferred Provider of Energy Leadership Coaching with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching; and a volunteer coach for numerous charitable organizations.


"My session with Tom was my first experience working with a life coach and I found it to be productive, insightful and motivational. Prior to our session, he asked that I provide him with my goals for our meeting. I gave Tom a list of three things I wanted to accomplish during our time; he was able to address all three, including a fourth which came up during the session. Tom truly coached me through our session by encouraging me to think through my specific challenges in a different way to form concrete solutions, rather than simply providing answers. He was very patient, easy to talk to, and genuine. His insight also allowed me to shift my thoughts and leverage what I viewed as a limitation to my benefit in certain situations. It was an absolute pleasure working with Tom and I highly recommend investing in yourself and in life coaching services."

Samantha Lamont, Intelligence member


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