The Intelligence Community Inc. offers a unique Fellows and Associates Program to help students and professionals get introduced to new job opportunities.  

The program benefits us by providing enhanced community engagement on issues relevant to national security and private sector security through subject matter expertise, improved community structure, outreach, liaison and education.  Fellows gain valuable experience and contacts through analysis and voluntary service.  Many of our Fellows have gone on to serve in impressive positions across government, the military and in the private sector.

Location: Virtual and Global

In order to become a TIC Fellow, you must be:

  • Approved by the TIC Fellows Director (requires a resume review and email invite to attend online Orientation)
  • Attend an online Orientation
  • Add your Fellowship position to LinkedIn profile

General Expectations of TIC Fellows:

  • Maintain a professional tone at all times in internet discussion threads
  • Post one new discussion to once a week
  • Flag any unprofessional comments in The Intelligence Community LinkedIn group
  • Adhere to posting rules on The Intelligence Community LinkedIn group
  • “Like”, share and engage with TIC announcements on LinkedIn and other appropriate channels
  • Help provide professional assistance to other Fellows when possible
  • Contribute weekly input to The Source System
  • Attend conferences on behalf of TIC when available (funding is sometimes available to pay for conference fees)
  • Conduct one informational interview with a national security leader and publish the interview to

SUPERVISION AND MENTORSHIP: Fellows will report directly to the Program Directors unless otherwise directed and receive direct feedback on contributions and endorsements on work based on performance. 

ACADEMIC CREDIT:  At this point, this program is not accredited and does not convey any course credit value.

COMPENSATION: This Internship Program is currently unpaid.  Remuneration is in the form of increased exposure of the participants and personal introductions to leaders in the community.  



If approved*, you will be invited to join a virtual Orientation session to mark the start of your involvement and to address any questions you might have.  Orientation is conducted as we accumulate a quorum of new applicants, so if you can’t attend the first one, don’t worry, you will be invited to others.  We hope that you will consider joining our inner circle!