The Intelligence Community, LLC recognizes the private citizen can be exposed to many of the same threats as our corporate, government or military customers.  Leveraging the global resources of The Intelligence Community, LLC you can be assured that whatever your investigative needs are, they are being address by the best in the world. . Our private sector clients benefit from the same "best in breed" resources as our Corporate, Government, and Military customers.  While our primary investigative offices are located in Phoenix Arizona our resources ready to deploy globally.

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Investigative Services

Asset Location / Tracking

Bribery or Extortion

CCTV / Hidden Cameras

Child Custody

Court Records Research

Crime Scene Investigation

Digital Forensics

Divorce & Infidelity

Electronic Counter Measures (TCSM) Bug Sweeps – Audio & Video

Electronic Surveillance

GPS Tracking

Missing Persons

Process Service

Executive Protection



Theft and Terrorism

Wrongful Death

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