PRESS RELEASE, September 24, 2014

The Intelligence Community LLC Launches IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign to build an Online Marketplace for Freelance Work in National Security

Work in national security, from home, on your own schedule, through the new web platform, which matches small businesses in the national security sector with freelance talent. The site is being developed now for an active membership of 50,000 professionals in national security. Find out more:

 Washington D.C. September 24, 2014 – The Intelligence Community LLC announces today that the website, is being developed as a marketplace for freelance work in national security. Individuals and companies are invited to participate in the launch via the world’s largest open-funding platform IndieGoGo. This crowd funding campaign will officially run from October 27th through December 5th (40 days) with exclusive benefits for early supporters.

"The US Intelligence Community should take its cues from the innovation and networking conversations occurring on This forum demonstrates collaboration at its best focusing on solutions and is the virtual place to be for all intelligence professionals and all who care about our national security." - LTG Flynn, Former Director, DIA

 LTG Flynn has confirmed tentatively to be the keynote speaker for TIC’s site launch Gala in October 2015 - date of Gala to be announced on first day of Indiegogo Campaign (October 27th, 2014).

For full details and to stay up to date with progress on this project, or watch a short video about the website, visit the campaign homepage at


About The Intelligence Community LLC

We are a US veteran owned business and proud participant in the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Innovation Gateway. Since 2008 we’ve been assembling an online community of national security professionals. Now at over 46,000 members and over 1200 new members monthly, we are pivoting in a new direction to serve the community in a different way. Join with us now to build a marketplace for wounded warriors, unemployed federal and contracted employees, recent graduates and transitioning veterans.