Business today is conducted on a global scale.  Companies are exposed to risk in every aspect of their business and it is imperative that both, the government and private sectors, invest in risk mitigation for their hiring process, hostile terminations, asset protection, employee safety, proprietary information, trademarks, and countless other threats.  By investing in mitigating these risks, liability is greatly reduced and the threat of financial loss minimized. 

A perfect, and admittedly extreme, example is the Naval Yard shooter, the hiring contract and the government/military are now exposed to tremendous liability.  While the shooter held a clearance, he demonstrated a propensity towards violence, having been charged in two separate incidents involving weapons.  The President of the contracting company told the Washing Post "We would not have hired him if we had known about his past."

The Intelligence Community, LLC takes a unique approach to providing services, rather than hiring a large staff we have networked world wide to put together a global network of Risk Mitigation specialist and Investigators that specialize in their respective discipline.  Many of our service provider are retired or transitioned out of government or military sectors. When investing in these types of services it is imperative that your needs are addressed by a specialist.  Much like hiring a lawyer or a doctor, you would not want a tax attorney handling a criminal case nor would you want a podiatrist treating a heart condition.  With The Intelligence Community, LLC you can be assured that whatever your problem is, it will be handled by a specialist who is dedicated to their craft, highly experienced and considered “Best in Breed” at what they do. 

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Risk Mitigation Services

Asset Location / Tracking

Asset Protection

Background Investigation

Bribery or Extortion


Competitive Intelligence

Corporate Espionage

Counter Intelligence

Crime Scene Investigation

Digital Forensics

Electronic Counter Measures (TCSM)

Electronic Surveillance

Forensic Accounting


Hostile Termination

Imagery Intelligence

Intellectual Property

Internal Theft

Maritime Security

Red Teaming - Electronic & Physical

Trade Mark Infringement


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