History and Vision

'TheIntelligenceCommunity.com' was as result of The Intelligence Community member group on the professional networking site, LinkedIn.  The Intelligence Community group on LinkedIn was started in November 2008 by John Goodenow.  It began as a simple networking tool to develop a network of contacts within the U.S. Intelligence Community to support a small business that provided Surveillance Role Players for HUMINT training.  Over the years, the group grew significantly and now has over 1200 new member requests each month.  In 2012, The Intelligence Community, LLC was formed by John Goodenow as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in partnership and Graham Plaster as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with the vision for The Intelligence Community, LLC becoming the primary interface for products and services across the private sector of the IC.  In July 2013, Kurt Marisa joined The Intelligence Community, LLC as Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO).  For a list of our ongoing projects, go here and to see what we are doing next, go here.